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Monday, January 16, 2012

21 Things I love from Forever 21

The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.
~Paris Hilton

I haven't posted in fooooorever, this I know, but i figured better late than never right? So as I was browsing through the new items on the Forever 21 website I figured I would do sort of a haul type thing and show yall 21 of my favorite things up there right now (21 things... see what I did there? haha). Im not gonna explain why I like everything because that would take forever, I just like all this stuff because it's pretty :)

 Braided rope and Serpentine Necklace $8.80
 Carved Roses Bracelet $6.80
 Carved Roses Necklace $3.80
 Double Flower Necklace $5.80
 Embellished Feather Hair Clip $6.80
 Filigree Drop Earrings $3.80
 Floppy Hat with Flower $12.80
Floral Bottle Necklace $4.80
 Floral Hinge Bracelet $7.80
Floral Pendant Necklace $5.80
 Hinge Opening Bracelet $4.80
 Lacquered Bow Studs $1.80
Leatherette Rosette Necklace $12.80
Love Drop Earrings $4.80
 Oval Cameo Ring $3.80
 Pearlescent Dainty Necklace $6.80
 Polka Dot Over the Knee Socks $2.80
Rhinestone Roses Necklace $7.80
 Rhinestone Teardrop Studs $3.80
 Rose Printed Stud Earrings $2.80
 Single Bow Bracelet $2.80
 Striped Reader Crew Socks $1.80
 Tiered Drop Earrings $5.80
 Tiered Geo Necklace $12.80
Two Tiered Bead Necklace $12.80

Ok Lovelies those are my wish list items at the moment!!!!!!!!!

More posts to come soon!

Love, Laughter and God's Blessing

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