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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wink Wink

"The eye is the jewel of the body"
~ Thoreau

This blog post will be dedicated to eyes! My eyes are my favorite feature and I love to play them up with dramatic fun makeup. I thought I would write about some new trends I have been loving and some tips that I use.

The first thing I want to talk about is something I am so excited about. I have sort of a Katy Perry obsession. Like a major obsession. I dont know why but something about her songs and the way she dresses are fun. And now I super jazzed because she has come out with a false lash line for ULTA. There are four different kinds that I have seen that range from natural to very dramatic, and they are all fabulous! They retail for 
$6. 99 and you know I am about to go and buy them all!!!!

Second is a product I also picked up at ULTA. I got this one off the clearance rack so I am not sure that they still carry it but I am sure there are dupes out there. The product is called Sparkle Lashes Lash Gloss in the color Silver Screen. Basically it is just like a glittery gel that you brush onto your lashed after mascara to give them some extra umph. I wasn't sure about this product at first. I was afraid that it was going to be glitter like the bonbons glitter we all wore in like 7th grade...yea. However it is surprisingly subtle. You can only really see the sparkle when you blink. It is obviously not day wear but it is a really fun product for the night time. The only down side to this product is the way you have to apply it. It has the twist dispenser at the bottom and the brush tip just like a lip gloss and I hate that kind of lip gloss applicator in general. I may be biased because it goes on fine I just wish it had a wand like mascara instead.

Another trend I am digging right now is the beige eye liner. I know that doesn't sound very exciting but trust me. Everyone knows that using a white liner on your bottom water line can make your eyes look much larger. It creates the illusion that the whites of your eyes continues further. However I personally think on some eye shapes where the water line is really visible you look like an alien, not ideal. SO beige eyeliner is the perfect solution because it works the same way as white liner on your water line but it is a little more subtle so you don't look crazy. The one below is by Tarte  in the color nude and retails for $18. 00
Other eye trends for the season, as reported by Harpers Bazaar are extreme winged cat eyes, silver and metallics on the crease, pop of color on the eyes and full bold brows. I am loving all of these trends except the brows. You most definitely need brows because they frame your face BUT they really full and thick brows and a little too haute couture for every day. In other words you are gonna look like a caveman. 

Love, Laughter and God's Blessings,

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