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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Style Profile: Anne Hathaway

"Can I tell you how grateful I am to Kate Middleton? Because she is such an advocate for dressing like a lady... I think for a few years that kind of slightly dirty look was adopted by Hollywood - you know, the stringy hair, homeless thing. And I really tried. I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to give that a go.’ it doesn’t suit me, I don’t suit it. I always looked kind of chubby."
~ Anne Hathaway

I had so much fun doing the style profile of Natalie Portman that I could not wait to another one. Here is another person whose fashion sense I really admire. It was really really easy to find several good looks. Enjoy.
 OK lets just jump right in with my very very FAVORITE. This is from the Met Ball in 2010 and the dress is Valentino. This is the most amazing princess fairy dress ever yet it is still appropriate for the occasion. Some other celebs have tried to do the big ball gown.. *cough Olivia Wilde cough* and just looked a little crazy. This looks beautiful.

 This is my very favorite designer Marchesa at the 2008 Oscars. As we look at this now it is easy to say "yea yea rosettes blah blah" but don't forget that this was 2008 before that trend even came in. In fact I bet this dress had a lot to do with rosettes being every where, especially in bridal fashion.

Anne is at the 2009 Golden Globes in Armani Prive in this picture. I don't want to like this dress. I generally don't like this silhouette on people and I don't generally like all the structure on top. But for some reason I do really like this dress. The color is amazing with her skin tone and her hair is perfect. She just carries it really well.

 I adore this dress. It is Armani Prive which is one of her go tos and she is wearing it at the 2009 Oscars. The detail on this dread is stupid good. All those sequins could look really gaudy or she could also look like a fish. But somehow she looks like some sort of Venus goddess. That is THE perfect color for her porcelain skin. Divine.

 This is Valentino at the 2011 Oscars. Homegirl really knows how to rock the fairytale inspired gowns. Cant yall just see like Belle wearing this? Somehow though she comes off not looking like she is playing dress and instead looking crazy sophisticated. How does she do that!?! Also a hidden detail can be seen if you look really closely. the inside lining under the pickups is a really cool floral pattern. Love is in the details!

Another Valentine also at the 2011 Oscars. This year she wore several looks. I really really like this dress as well. Probably not as much as the one above but this look is also incredible. The girl can seriously do not wrong. The thing I seriously love about this look is the way her hair is styled. I love the slightly beachy waves versus some elaborate up-do or some sort of messy knot. 

This is probably Anne Hathaway;s most famous look of all time. This looks like something Angeline Jolie would wear, and we all know what a fashion icon she is. This is such a starlet look. The average person could not carry this off. This picture doesn't show it, but this dress also has the most amazing back. This is Armani Prive at the 2011 Golden Globes. A perfect way to end the profile because no way can she top this... but I hope she does!

Hope yall enjoyed this as much as I did!

Love, Laughter and God's Blessings

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